6 Signs It’s Time for Brand New Garage Doors

If you’ve had your home for a while, you know how often problems can pop up. One day things are going well until — bam — your refrigerator needs a new drain line. While repairs inside the home are one thing, many homeowners fail to think that problems can also occur on the exterior of the house.

Garage doors are fairly sturdy products, but all good things eventually come to an end. Fortunately, when your garage door gives way, it’ll give you a few signs before it becomes a major issue. These six signs tell you when it is time for brand new garage doors. 

Loud Noises

If you’ve had your garage door long enough, you know the sounds it makes while operating. While built to be relatively silent appliances, apart from the occasional noise here or there, older garage doors or ones that have a lot of wear and tear eventually give way. These doors will let out loud screeches or whistles indicating a major problem, whether due to old age or lack of sufficient lubrication over the years. If yours can’t operate without screaming in your ears, it might be time for a new garage door. 

Your Garage Door Struggles to Open or Close

The main function of your garage door is to open and close, so it can definitely be a major cause for concern when yours fails to do its job. Not only is it annoying to stand there and wait as the door struggles to open, but it can be dangerous if you’re coming home in the wee hours of the night. This is especially true if you have an automatic door, as it shouldn’t take too long to open and close, and you shouldn’t have to shut it manually if it gets stuck.

The Door Compromises Your Safety

One of the biggest responsibilities of a garage door is safety. If yours is connected to the home, it can be dangerous to sleep at night with a faulty door. Even if you have a standalone garage, protecting the important products and appliances you have stored away is important. 

Broken or faulty garage doors can compromise your safety. Even if yours is working fine, it might not have the safety and security features needed to keep a home safe. If this is the case, consider getting a garage door replacement from a local company.

Sagging or Rotting Wood

Wood doors can fall victim to moisture and eventually rot away. As they rot, these doors will begin to sag and deteriorate. There will be plenty of signs your door is starting to get old, from peeling paint to cracks that develop on the wood. Not only does this diminish the value of your door and make it unsightly for those looking at it, but your door can also fall apart at any time. 

Sagging doesn’t just affect wood doors either. Any garage door style can sag, and homeowners noticing theirs getting a bit loopy should call on a professional to replace the door.

Repair Costs Keep Going Up

Getting garage door repairs is never a bad thing, especially if you have relatively minor issues like a door needing realignment or a faulty opener. But it might be time for a replacement if you constantly find yourself on the phone with your garage door repair service professional. As much as we love interacting with our customers, it’s important to make the right decision for your wallet and home. The more repairs you have, the lower your return on investment, and the less likely you are to find the main issue. Sometimes it’s better to choose to install a new garage door. 

You Plan on Selling Your Home Soon

Sometimes a fresh start is needed, and if you’ve had your home for a while, selling it might be intriguing. If you want to get the most out of your home sale, it’s important to have products that work properly and look good, especially something like your garage door. Selling your home with the poor aesthetics of a faulty door can lower your return and make it more difficult for you to find a willing buyer. Replacing your garage door can show potential buyers that they are purchasing a property in tip-top shape.

With Icon Garage Door Services, Getting a New Garage Door Has Never Been Easier!

A functioning garage door is an underrated aspect of your homeowners’ experience, so when doors start to falter, many people fall into a panic. To avoid the stress of a broken garage door, you should have a trustworthy company right in your back pocket. With Icon Garage Door Services, your new garage door installation will provide the best bang for your buck, calm your senses, and give you the comfort of knowing your home is protected. Contact us today and explore how our services can help Arizona residents near and far.