Garage Door Opener Services in Phoenix, AZ

Also known as a garage door operator, a garage door opener is a component that connects to your garage door (usually located on the ceiling of your garage). Garage door openers use radio frequencies to activate the door’s motorized system. The opener has a frequency connected to this motorized system, and when you press the button or dial your door’s key code, the frequency turns on, commanding the door to open or close.

From this simple introduction, you might suddenly have realized that your garage door opener system is much more complicated than you originally thought — and you’d be right! A broken garage door opener can be caused by a variety of problems, and DIY troubleshooting never ends well. If you’re having opener problems, call Iconic Garage Door Services ASAP for garage door opener services in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more about our work below!

Have a Broken Garage Door Opener in Phoenix, AZ? We’re Near You!

Whether you need complete garage door opener replacement or just a few minor repairs, you can trust our team for the best garage door opener services in Phoenix, AZ! We repair and replace broken garage door openers throughout the Greater Phoenix area, including these locations in AZ:

  • Queen Creek
  • Fountain Hills
  • Mesa
  • Scottsdale
  • Sun Lakes
  • Maricopa
  • Anthem
  • Arizona City
  • Buckeye

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8155W LiftMaster

The 8155w LiftMaster AC belt drive garage door opener has built-in Wi-Fi that enables the user to control the opener from any smartphone via myQ app. Homeowners also have the option to allow Amazon delivery in the garage remotely, securely, and conveniently by enabling the Amazon Key feature. This garage door opener provides safety and security without breaking the bank. Some notable benefits include:
  • 75% less power consumption using standby mode
  • Quiet opening & closing with a strong belt drive
  • Unique & secure RF code for every open/close click
  • Sensors that prevent the door from closing on barricades
  • Secure protection against forced entry
  • Smartphone open/close control
  • 1-10 year warranties on various parts
  • 3-button 893LM remote control included with purchase
  • Control panel allows users to enable lockout feature
  • Add-ons include remote light control & door/gate monitor
Specifications include:
  • ½ Horsepower
  • 1,625 RPM
  • 120V AC motor
  • 60 Hz voltage
  • 4-foot power cord

84501 LiftMaster

The 84501 LiftMaster DC belt drive motor is an ultra-quiet, smart-tech garage door opener with built-in LED lighting. This opener is compatible with the myQ app so the user can control opening, closing, and security from a smartphone. The Amazon Key feature can be enabled for secure delivery, conveniently and remotely. The longevity of the DC motor and smooth start/stop operation allows for extended life and less maintenance. The security and safety features of the 84501 protect against forced entry and radio frequency hacking, provides motion-sensored bright lighting, and prevents the door from closing on objects or people. Additional benefits include:
  • 1-year accessory & parts warranties
  • Lifetime belt & motor warranties
  • Soft start & stop feature
  • 893LM, 3-button remote control
  • 882LMW Wi-Fi multi-function control panel
  • Integrated dual LED lighting system
  • Steel-reinforced rubber belt for virtually silent operation
  • Encrypted controls with maintenance alert system
Specifications include:
  • 12V DC motor
  • 53 RPM
  • 120V AC
  • 60 Hz voltage
  • 4-foot power cord
  • 7.2”/sec upward & downward

87504-267 LiftMaster

The 87504-867 LiftMaster is a top-shelf garage door opener with corner-to-corner lighting, belt drive smart opener with a camera, and battery backup for emergency exits and safety. The included camera features 2-way audio communication with remote access video from the MyQ app. The app allows the user to secure and control the opener remotely from any smartphone. This DC motor is designed for ultra-quiet, virtually silent operation, and the light ring that extends all the way around the opener provides light for the entire garage. Our customers favorite benefits include:
  • HD video with night vision for remote live stream
  • Recording & storage subscriptions available
  • Smooth start/stop operation with reduced maintenance
  • Extended hardware & parts longevity
  • Vehicle & family protection with invisible-beam sensors
  • Automatic lighting with motion-detection
  • 1-5 year warranties for accessories & parts
  • Lifetime warranty for belt & motor
  • Timer-to-close feature
  • Visor remote control, keypad system, & smart control panel
Specifications include:
  • 12V DC motor
  • 53 RPM
  • 120V AC
  • 60 Hz voltage
  • 6-foot power cord
  • 9”/sec upward speed
  • 6.5”/sec downward speed

Overhead Garage Door Opener Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Is your overhead door opener having issues? We’re ready to work with you anytime, anywhere. Since your door relies on its radio frequency connection and motor to operate correctly, repairing your opener system will likely be an electronic fix. Our experienced technicians will check the motor unit and its parts and repair or replace individual components when appropriate. This way, we can ensure that every connection is working smoothly.

Important Note: Our experts do not recommend using your door if you need garage door opener repair, as it can cause additional damage or injury since your door is operating without a safety reverse. We recommend booking emergency garage door repair as soon as a problem arises.

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sidemount garage door opener (jack shaft)

Overhead Garage Door Opener Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Has your opener become too old to function correctly, or do you keep paying big bucks for repairs? Our garage door opener services in Phoenix, AZ, can make your house feel like home again. We will remove your current malfunctioning system and replace it with something that actually works!

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someone inserting a lightbulb into a garage door opener

New Garage Door Opener Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Are you tired of your current opener system? Many homeowners become fed up with their ancient doors always creaking and crashing. Give yourself peace of mind and increased comfort with garage door opener installation! We can help you select an opener you’ll love at a price you can afford. We will also always install a new opener system of your choice if you schedule a new garage door installation.

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employee of Iconic Garage Door Services doing a garage door opener safety inspection

Different Types of Garage Door Openers

As part of offering comprehensive garage door opener services in Phoenix, AZ, we work with many different types of opener systems and brands, including Sommer garage door openers and other premium industry names. Learn more about a few different types of opener systems below!

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Did you inherit your current garage door opener from the previous homeowner? If your garage is on the older side, it likely utilizes a chain drive garage door opener. These systems can work effectively for many years, but they become noisy and can even rust as they age. If you’re still relying on a chain drive opener, speak with one of our garage door opener installers about an alternative to that noisy nuisance.

Belt Garage Door Openers

Rather than utilizing a metal chain to open your door, belt garage door openers rely on a “belt” made from rubber or another material to open and close your door. These systems are much quieter and smoother; however, as the belt ages, it can become worn thin or torn. We will inspect your overhead door opener to ensure the belt is in working condition and is safe to operate. If it isn’t, we may suggest replacing it with an alternative model, such as a high-quality LiftMaster or Sommer garage door opener.

Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

Have you ever wished you had more space in your garage? Something many people don’t consider is how much vertical space is used by their opener systems. Jackshaft garage door openers are set up on the garage wall instead, so you have a few precious inches of additional ceiling space. This alternative is incredibly beneficial for owners of tall vehicles such as box vans or small campers.

Wireless Garage Door Openers

If you’re considering investing in a new garage door opener system and you love the idea of a door you can control from anywhere, one of our wireless garage door openers might be perfect for you! You can operate and adjust these systems wirelessly using your phone or computer. They can even be integrated with voice technology such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant!


Once you notice that it isn’t functioning like it used to have it inspected. It may be making sounds or won’t respond to opening commands.

It depends on the type of damage. Most problems only need a repair, and our technician will tell you if a replacement will be the better option.

It depends on the age of the model and the damage. It’s usually worth it to repair an opener if it’s under ten years old.

All of our brands of openers use rolling code to prevent hackers from capturing the radio frequency and reusing it later.

Yes, all types of manufacturers have different ways to reprogram an opener.

Yes, garage door openers have measures to allow it to disconnect and reconnect to its system.

We suggest having inspection and maintenance at least once a year. Annual inspections will reveal problems early and fix them before they worsen.

An opener needs repairing if it’s becoming troublesome to open or close the door. You may also notice an unusual noise or an imbalance with the garage door.

It is dangerous without the right equipment and experience. For your safety, we always recommend calling a professional.

We do not recommend it. This can cause additional damage or injury without a safety reverse. We recommend scheduling an inspection as soon as the problem arises.

Yes, but it depends if the manufacturer still supports the model. Call iconic to find out if we have keypads and controls available for your system.

Garage door openers do not come with track and rollers. Our technicians will be sure to inspect and adjust your track and rollers to ensure the longevity of your opener.

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