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Garage Door Installation For Your Home Near Phoenix, AZ

We know you spend a lot of time thinking about your home and its security. So you shouldn’t trust just anyone when it’s time to purchase a new garage door. You need true garage door experts who have the tools, training, and time for the job.

At Iconic Garage Door Services, we’re up for the job — and excited to work with you! Our family-owned company has years of experience performing professional garage installation in Phoenix, AZ. Our team of highly trained experts provides fast and efficient service without cutting corners. While many other companies may overlook details when installing your new garage door, we don’t. Installing a brand-new garage door is an investment you make in your home, and we understand this more than anyone else! Find out more about our services below.

AZ Locations Our Certified Garage Door Installers Serve

For prompt and professional garage installation in Phoenix, AZ, and the Greater Phoenix area, turn to Iconic’s reliable team of garage door installers! We replace garage doors throughout these other cities and towns in AZ:

  • Anthem
  • Arizona City
  • Buckeye

Fast and Affordable Residential Garage Door Replacement Services in Phoenix, AZ

There’s no wrong reason to seek out residential garage door replacement. Some homeowners need professional garage installation in Phoenix, AZ, because their doors have been dented, dinged, or otherwise damaged. Others are just interested in a new style or color for their home and want their garage doors to match. Do you need a new door urgently? Speak with a team member today about our same-day residential garage installation work.

Residential Garage Door Installation Services in Phoenix, AZ

We are dedicated to offering Arizona customers fast garage door installation and replacement without compromising quality or affordability. Here’s some more information about the doors we work with:

Garage Door Materials Available


Clopay wood doors add timeless beauty to your property. We install a variety of Clopay brand handcrafted hemlock, redwood, and cedar garage doors with raised, recessed, or flush panels. The choice is yours!


Nothing beats steel when it comes to style and durability! Our steel garage doors are available in several styles to suit homes ranging from mid-century modern, contemporary, and beyond.


Turn your home from last century to modern age with our aluminum and glass garage doors. Clopay aluminum doors are available in a variety of frame colors and styles, with multiple glass options. You can even choose the amount of natural light allowed in, as well as the level of privacy for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Door Installation

Can I Install a Garage Door Myself?

We always advise hiring a team of professionals to do the job for you because we know all of the industry standards and requirements for installing garage doors. Especially due to the typical weight of a garage door, you could risk damage or injury trying to do the job yourself.

How Long Does It Take To Install a Garage Door?

Our garage door installation process is usually complete within a day, depending on the elements listed above. The time it takes will depend on how big or complex the installation is.

Is It Necessary to Replace My Entire Garage Door if Only a Section of It Is Damaged?

If only a small section of your garage door is damaged or broken, you may not have to replace the entire garage door. Call us for a free inspection and estimate for your repair options.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates for our garage door installation services along with a free inspection to diagnose potential problems or identify the requirements to install a new garage door.

Signs It’s Time to Replace a Garage Door on Your Property

Does your home need a new garage door installation? Watch out for these signs that you could need professional garage installation in Phoenix, AZ:


Auto accidents happen to the best of us. Sometimes, people end up hitting their garage door while backing out of (or driving into) the garage. If you’ve collided with your garage door in a vehicle, it likely needs serious repair; in many cases, our technicians will recommend a full replacement. Read more about our same-day emergency garage door installation here, or book residential garage door installation services right now!


Garage door openers can be temperamental. One minute your system is working fine, and the next minute, it doesn’t seem to notice that you’re mashing the buttons. If your opener system has periodically started to fail, or it’s run into more issues as the years go by, speak with one of our garage door installers. We often find that replacing old garage doors completely solves these common problems.


One surprising sign that you’re overdue for new garage door installation is a poorly insulated house. You may not know this, but your garage contributes significantly to your home’s ability to keep cold air inside where it belongs. Without working weather stripping, or if your door is aging, you may be shelling out a lot more cash than you should be on your HVAC bills. Let us know if you’ve noticed this issue, and we’ll be there right away for professional garage installation in Phoenix, AZ.


Have you noticed pests sneaking their way into your home, such as insects, rodents, and reptiles? They might be getting in through gaps in your garage door. Call us for fast garage installation to rid your property of these pests once again!


Garage door springs are made to stretch over time, but if your springs have recently been repaired or replaced, and they still don’t work properly with your door, it may be more cost-effective to replace the door. If your failing springs are causing serious problems, don’t wait to contact us for same-day residential garage installation.

Garage Door Installation to match any budget

A common question we receive is, “How much will a new garage door installation cost?” The answer to that question varies greatly on several factors, including the brand, material, size, and design of the door you choose. The size of your garage entrance and additional features and customizations also play a role in the final price. Our team is always available to answer questions about garage door installation near Phoenix, AZ, and will work closely with you to find a door within your budget.

garage door material

The material that you choose for your new garage door may affect the price because some substrates require extra steps in the installation process to properly secure the door.

Wood-tone traditional garage door

The varying sizes and weights of garage doors can play a role in the equipment and labor used for the garage door installation, which can adjust the price.

Modern flush panel garage doors

The way your current frame or structure is designed will affect the price of your garage door installation. Complex designs may require specialized equipment and the amount of time it takes to install.

Brown modern garage door

Garage door accessories, such as security cameras and other special opener functionalities may factor into the price of garage door installation due to the amount of time it takes to complete.

Need New Garage Doors in Phoenix, AZ? We’re Here for You!

Customers everywhere throughout Phoenix, Queen Creek, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Scottsdale, Sun Lakes, Maricopa, Anthem, Arizona City, and Buckeye, AZ, are replacing old garage doors and refreshing their homes. Join them today by contacting our team for professional garage installation in Phoenix, AZ, and witness the Iconic Customer Experience for yourself! We hope to hear from you soon.