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Powerful and Dependable Garage Door Opener Installation Near You

Iconic Garage Door Services offers premium garage door opener installation services near Phoenix, AZ. For a smooth-operating door that provides safety, security, and convenience to everyday life, contact our team!

Need a garage Door opener replacement near Phoenix, AZ?

Your garage door opener is responsible for lifting your door on command. Please contact us right away for new garage door openers installation for an overall renewed operating system! The following signs indicate it’s time for a garage door opener replacement:

  • Your opener is 10-15 years old.
  • Your opener is excessively noisy.
  • You have remote control issues (even with fresh batteries).
  • Your opener lacks modern safety and security features.
  • Your garage door has an unreliable operation, including multiple attempts to open it.
  • You have to schedule frequent garage door opener repairs.

Ready to Serve you with Top-Rated New Garage Door Openers

Whether you need a complete garage door opener replacement or just a few minor garage door opener repairs, you can trust our team for the best garage door opener services in Phoenix, AZ! We repair and replace broken garage door openers throughout the Greater Phoenix area with our iconic commitment to quality workmanship and excellent customer care.

We work with durable, reliable brands like LiftMaster to provide you with the top-rated openers you deserve. All of our installations are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features you can trust.

Can garage door openers be hacked?

All of our brands of openers use rolling code to prevent hackers from capturing the radio frequency and reusing it later. Manufacturers can also reprogram all garage door openers as necessary for safety reasons or to simply update the system software.

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Benefits of New Garage Door Opener Installation near Phoenix, AZ

Are you frustrated with your current garage door opener system? It’s common for homeowners to feel annoyed with their old doors constantly making noise. You can enjoy greater peace of mind and comfort by installing a new garage door opener. Take a look at some of the benefits below!

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Affordable pricing
  • Complete overhead door system upgrade

Types of Garage Door Openers

As part of our comprehensive garage door opener services in Phoenix, AZ, we work with many different types of opener systems. Learn more about a few opener drive styles below!

Chain Drive

A chain drive garage door opener can work effectively for many years, but it becomes noisy and can even rust as it ages. If you’re relying on a chain drive opener that’s frustratingly noisy to operate, speak with one of our garage door opener installers about an alternative opener style.

Belt Drive

Choose a belt drive for your new garage door opener installation! Instead of using a metal chain, belt drive garage door openers operate with a rubber material belt to open and close your door.

Overall, these systems are smoother and quieter, but the belt does become worn after years of use. When you’re having an issue with your belt drive opener, we will check your overhead door system to ensure the belt is safe and functional as part of our garage door opener repair. If it’s not, we may recommend installing a new model, like one from LiftMaster or Sommer, which are ideal for new garage door opener installations.


Have you ever wished you had more space in your garage? Something many people don’t consider is how much vertical space is used by their opener systems. Jackshaft are also known as wall-mount garage door openers, and are set up on the garage wall instead of overhead.

This alternative is incredibly beneficial so you have a few precious inches of additional ceiling space. We highly recommend a wall-mount garage door opener installation for owners of tall vehicles such as box vans or small campers.


If you’re considering investing in a new garage door opener system and you love the idea of an overhead door you can control from anywhere, one of our wireless garage door openers might be perfect for you! You can operate and adjust these systems from anywhere using your phone or computer. They can even be integrated with voice technology such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant!

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Contact us for Fast, Reliable Garage Door Opener Installation Today!

If you live near Phoenix, AZ, don’t put off upgrading your old garage door opener. You’ll be amazed at the convenience and security that comes with a modern one! Contact us today for garage door opener installation services near Phoenix, AZ, and enjoy the perks of a stress-free operation system.

As professional and expert garage door opener installers, Iconic Garage Door Services is proud to assist and contribute to our community for an overall renewed garage door system.

Frequently asked questions

How often should garage door openers be inspected?

We suggest having your opener inspected and maintained at least once a year. Annual inspections will reveal problems early and fix them before they worsen.

Can I replace my garage door opener by myself?

It is dangerous to replace a garage door opener without the right equipment and experience. For your safety, we always recommend calling a professional to complete garage door opener installation near Phoenix, AZ. If you’re searching for “garage door openers installation near me”, we have expert garage door opener installers on staff, and over 45+ years of industry experience to best assist you!

Can garage door remote controls and keypads be replaced?

Yes, but it depends if the manufacturer still supports the model. Call Iconic Garage Door Services for garage door opener remote installation and to find out if we have keypads and controls available for your system.