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We Offer Garage Door Tune-Ups in the Phoenix Metro Area

Garage doors are essential to conveniently accessing your home and keeping your family safe from intruders. But when parts malfunction suddenly from neglect, your garage door won’t feel safe and convenient anymore. To keep your garage door system in great shape and help prevent emergency repairs, we recommend annual garage door maintenance to all of our customers. 

Garage door tune-ups involve lubricating, tightening, and inspecting all your garage door parts, ensuring they can last for a long time without sudden issues popping up. Contact us to book garage door maintenance near Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas today!

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Our Garage Door Maintenance Steps

Ensuring you have a long-lasting, reliable garage door is our top priority as a local garage door repair company serving the Phoenix Metro area. Your garage door parts work hard daily to lift your heavy door and allow you to access your home conveniently. Over time, this can cause extensive wear and tear, eventually leading to broken parts. 

Let us get ahead of a potential garage door emergency by performing annual garage door maintenance on your system! Our garage door tune-ups involve:

  • Checking torsion spring tension and balance
  • Checking that cables are not worn or stretched
  • Checking roller health 
  • Checking that hinges are operating properly
  • Checking the bottom seal for wear or cracking
  • Checking for cracking or stress on steel garage doors
  • Checking for rot and cracking on wood garage doors
  • Checking the force and limits of the garage door opener
  • Checking tracks for stress or bends
  • Tightening screws on hinges and struts
  • Checking bearing plates for wear
  • Applying spray lube to hinges, rollers, springs, and bearing plates
  • Applying grease to the motor rail for smooth operation 
  • Checking remotes, wall buttons, safety sensors, and keypads

If you’re ready to extend the life of your door and have it running quietly, contact Iconic Garage Door Services! We offer annual garage door maintenance plans to help local home and business owners keep their garage door systems in the best shape possible. 

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DIY Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Listen for Unusual Noises

If you notice your garage door makes screeching or grinding noises as it operates, it’s a sign that your garage door parts are not properly lubricated or tightened. As the parts rub together, it causes them to wear down more quickly and may lead to an emergency garage door repair as parts fail. So always schedule a garage door tune-up quickly if you notice any unusual noises as your door operates! 

Visually Inspect Your Door

Along with listening as your door operates, we also recommend visually inspecting your door regularly for worn-out parts, rust, or shaky operation. These are all signs that your garage door may fail suddenly, leaving you stuck inside or outside the garage door. 

Clean Your Garage Door

Dust and debris accumulating inside and outside your door can cause your garage door parts to get clogged up and malfunction. That’s why we recommend regularly cleaning your garage door exterior with a mild detergent and soft bristle brush. This will keep your garage door and your home looking great!

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