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Iconic Products To Match Our Iconic Garage Door Services!

We strive to live up to our name with premier and efficient services by incorporating industry-leading brands to help make our lofty expectations happen. We can complete a garage door overhaul and suggest the best garage doors and opener products for your home or business. Contact Iconic Garage Door Services so we can supply you with our chosen brands and their featured products. 

Clopay Garage Doors

Clopay delivers true performance and style for their garage doors which is why we love working with them as our top manufacturer! We guarantee options and a solution for the kind of commercial, traditional, modern, or carriage house garage door style you’re looking for. Be sure to also check out our Blog for which garage door materials are best suited for your residential or commercial property. 


Popular Garage Door Materials We Offer For High-Quality, Iconic Installation:

Steel Garage Doors

  • Ask us about Clopay’s Ultra-Grain faux wood garage doors!
  • Most popular material option when choosing garage door products
  • Clopay has a distinctive and affordable stained wood option for homeowners that are in the market for a high-quality steel garage door. 
  • UV resistant and water resistant

Glass Garage Doors

  • Exclusive Clopay’s Avante series
  • Choose insulated or uninsulated panels within aluminum, wood, or steel frames for reinforcement
  • Boosts cohesion for both residential and commercial settings
  • Automatically own a luxury garage door upon Iconic’s glass garage door installation

Wood Garage Doors

  • Custom to each customer’s order
  • Choose between Clopay’s Reserve® Wood Custom, Reserve® Wood Limited Edition, or Reserve® Wood Modern collections for a completely custom look, carriage-house style, or modern style 
  • Alternative wood composites or faux wood overlays over your aluminum, steel, or fiberglass doors
Steel garage doors
wood modern garage door

Clopay’s Residential Garage Door Products

Being “America’s favorite garage door brand,” Clopay is well-known for their series of collections. Their residential garage door products value top-tier craftsmanship and also value your overall budget. For instance, if you wanted to obtain the beauty of real wood, their Ultra-Grain faux wood product is a painted steel surface that can simulate the look of a real stained door, without the hassle of actually staining and maintaining real wood. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Clopay and their Residential Garage Doors, reach out to Iconic Garage Door Services for more information.

  • Coachman
  • Grand Harbor
  • Classic Wood
  • Avante / Avante Sleek
Custom Wood Doors
Iconic Garage Door Services
Clopay commercial glass garage door
roll up commercial garage door

Clopay’s Commercial Garage Door Products

Clopay manufactures large moving, sectional doors to full-view doors for commercial properties that wish for a stunning entryway, but a highly-functional overhead door. See below for Clopay’s exclusive commercial door products and their accompanying series:

  • Overhead Sectional Doors
  • Architectural Aluminum Series – Full-View Aluminum Doors
  • Veristack Clear Door – Full-View Stacking Doors
  • Extreme Series – High Performance Doors
  • Architectural Steel Series – Full-View Steel Insulated Doors
  • Intellicore® Energy Series – Insulated Doors with R-values to 27.2
  • Energy Series – Insulated Doors with R-values to 9.1
  • Industrial Series – Ribbed Steel Doors (Insulated or Uninsulated)

Rolling Commercial Steel Doors

  • Service Doors – Aluminum or Steel (Insulated and Uninsulated)
  • Counter Doors and Shutters
  • Security Grilles
  • Roll-Up Sheet Doors
Red rolling commercial steel door
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Garage Door Accessories

This Iconic line of Clopay products allow our commercial clientele to benefit from advanced safety and operation functionality. Minimize the costly accidents that may happen to your commercial door, and consider the following garage door accessories:

Chain Hoist Braking System

  • Reduces the risk of door slamming shut
  • Acts as a lock, and door stays in place when not engaged
  • Its compact design is seamlessly integrated into the hoist mechanism

Customized Pass Door

  • Access to the entryway without opening the entire rolling door
  • Ideal for spaces with limited access/space
  • Alternative solution for an entry door installation
  • Conserve energy by minimizing heat and cold distribution
Customized pass door

Break-Away Bottom Section

  • Accident-proof for forklift access and deliveries 
  • Bottom sections will release from the track
  • After a full 45-degree angle inward or outward, bottom sections can be easily reset
  • Link takes you to Clopay’s video demonstration
break-away bottom section

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster helps us secure our quality installation promises with well-tested garage door opener products. As an industry-recognized brand, our Iconic team can appoint the best opener product for your residential or commercial setting. Having recently celebrated 50 years of leading products, warranties, and customer service guarantees, LiftMaster equips all of their openers with a range of bonus security and technology features:

  • Their myQ app enables remote and real-time monitoring and operation
  • Motion-activated lighting and battery backup options
  • Real-time diagnostic reports and multiple warranty options
  • Their NEW 2-way audio and Secure View Series with integrated camera
garage door openers

We’ll Set You Up For Iconic Success With Our Favorite Garage Door and Opener Products

Let Iconic Garage Door Services take care of all your garage door needs and more with our exclusive free estimates on any of our repairs and installations. There is more information about our favorite opener products and garage door products for residential garage doors, commercial garage doors, RV garage doors, carport conversions, and trending prompts on our Blog. Contact our Iconic team directly for an in-person appointment, a free quote, or further details!