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Garage Door Opener Brands

Choosing the best garage door opener is an important step in ensuring your garage door system is reliable and long-lasting. But how do you choose the best garage door opener brand to upgrade your home with so many options available? To set you on the right track, we’re going to walk through popular garage door opener brands and their best products. Then we’ll tell you about our favorite garage door opener brand! 

Popular Garage Door Opener Brands


Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers have a quiet, powerful, and versatile range of openers and accessories. LiftMaster has been a driving force in the garage door industry since its beginning in 1967 and has worked hard to become a household name across America. They are known for cutting-edge technology techniques that bring their garage door openers into the modern world. Most importantly, they have openers with integrated video monitoring, 360-degree LED lighting, and WiFi integration. 

Their products include belt drive, chain drive, wall mount, and direct drive garage door openers. Our favorite options include:

  • 8500W
  • 84504
  • 87504
  • 87802
  • 84602

The most remarkable part of LiftMaster is their myQ smart garage door system. This allows their openers to connect to WiFi, making operation and monitoring accessible from anywhere through a smartphone app. Smart garage door openers are an incredible modern convenience that helps you secure your garage for peace of mind while also making it easier to enter and exit your home. MyQ features include alerts about garage door activity, the option to set a recurring schedule for garage door operation, smart home integration, and voice control. 


Genie Garage Door Openers

Founded in 1954, Genie Garage Door Openers manufactured the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener. In the almost 70 years since, Genie has become an industry leader in providing safe, reliable garage door openers for homes and businesses. 

Their exceptional range of chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, and wall mount garage door openers are manufactured to be long-lasting and reliable. Many of their openers come standard with great features like wireless connectivity, a backup battery for power outages, and voice control. Our favorite Genie openers are:

  • Chain Drive 500
  • Signature Series Model 3155D
  • QuietLift Connect
  • Genie Wall Mount
  • MachForce Connect
  • StealthDrive Connect

Genie also has incredible smart home integration through Aladdin Connect. This allows you to monitor and control your garage door’s movement from a free, easy-to-use smartphone app. In addition to garage door monitoring, Aladdin Connect also allows you to have secure in-garage deliveries, use voice control, and set a schedule for when the door opens and closes. If your Genie opener doesn’t come standard with WiFi integration, they also have standalone WiFi products to add to your existing system for improved convenience and control. 

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Linear Operators

Linear Garage Door Openers creates quality new garage door opener products, prioritizing durability and longevity. They have options for AC and DC garage door openers, adaptable to the needs of any garage door system. Their DC-powered operating systems are built for quiet and maximum lifting power, making a Linear Garage Door Opener perfect for quiet garage door opener installation. 

We also love Linear openers because they offer the industry’s brightest LED lighting, advanced safety features, battery backups for power outages, and smart technology. Their DC-powered systems are also fast, quiet, and long-lasting. Our favorite Linear products include:

  • LCCO801
  • LDCO863B
  • LDCO841

The most unique part of Linear’s product options is its interchangeable rails and heads. This allows garage door installers to easily adjust Linear openers to the unique needs of customers. The adaptable opener installation system allows dealers to reduce inventory and costs, then translate those savings and ease to their customers. 


Sommer Garage Door Openers

Sommer Garage Door Openers are known for quiet, durability, and strength. They are Europe’s leading opener manufacturer and serve more than 90 countries worldwide. Their U.S. office is based in Charlotte, NC, and serves all of North and South America. 

Sommer’s unique direct drive system offers unparalleled quiet as the traveling motor glides smoothly along a fixed chain. With only one moving part, there are minimal vibrations for near-silent operation and a long lifespan from reduced wear and tear. Beyond just quiet and easy maintenance, Sommer openers also offer maximum lifting power because the DC motor attaches directly to the garage door. Our favorite Sommer products are: 

  • 2060 evo+
  • 2080 evo+
  • Synoris 550
  • Synoris 800

For smart integrations, Sommer products easily integrate with SOMweb, ismartgate, and GoGoGate2. All of these smart accessories make it easy to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere. These include WiFi integration kits, interior and exterior cameras, and more to give you the best security for your home. 

We Offer Garage Door Opener Installation, Repair, and Service

Now that we’ve walked through the top garage door opener brands and their best products, you’re probably wondering what our favorite choice is. Our favorite garage door opener brand is LiftMaster! Their versatile products and modern advancements make them an easy choice when it comes to selling and installing garage door openers near Phoenix, AZ. 

If you’d like to learn more about garage door opener brands or need assistance with your garage door system, call Iconic Garage Door Services. We would be happy to source a quality LiftMaster opener for your home.

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