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Why Steel Garage Doors Are The #1 Iconic Choice For New Garage Door Installation

Easily make your home or business more attractive with steel garage doors. A new garage door installation alone increases the value of your property and can improve its curb appeal. Steel garage door installation is not only one of our many Iconic specialties, we recommend garage door owners consider steel as their number one choice for replacement and upgrading their current entryway. 

Perhaps you wish to move away from your existing steel garage door. We will gladly answer your questions and recommend the perfect door based on your home’s style and color, as well as options to add further safety, security, and convenience. Learn more about steel garage doors below, and get started in Building Your Door with Iconic Garage Door Services!

The Top Advantages For Owning Steel Garage Doors Are:

  • Steel is a ductile material, meaning that steel garage doors can be easily transformed and designed into any size, color, or style you wish.
  • Steel garage doors win the popularity vote, making them highly accessible and affordable to manufacture, ship, and install.
  • Unlike other garage door materials, such as wood or fiberglass, steel garage doors require much less maintenance.
  • Steel garage doors can withstand extreme weather conditions, and can last years longer than more expensive garage door material alternatives.
  • You can incorporate one to three layers of insulation into steel garage doors for greater energy-efficiency– decide to sandwich your insulation into your garage door now or later!

When it comes to steel garage doors, the only thing you need caution about is how much fun it can be designing your new door. The functional and decorative customization options for steel garage doors are virtually endless!

Carriage Wood Garage Door
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Add A Faux Wood Overlay To Your Steel Garage Doors

Our expert door manufacturers can easily manipulate steel, so if your color of choice is a wood tone, we can make that happen! Along with your desired shade and panel size, we can imitate grains of wood on steel garage doors. Known as faux wood, this is a less expensive, easier to maintain, and more customizable option versus real wood. 

Sound familiar? Yes, you can make steel garage doors look like real wood replicas thanks to the manufacturing capabilities and craftsmanship from Clopay. Check out our Residential Garage Doors and Commercial Garage Doors page to explore what kind of Clopay series will best match your new door style preferences. For the most accurate measure of how your new steel garage door will look on your home or business, please visit us in person or schedule a free quote today. 

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There is No Limit On Steel Garage Doors!

There is no limit to how much you can add or take away with steel garage doors in order to best match your budget and style preferences. Weigh how affordable or custom you want to make your steel garage door, and you can project the total cost of your new installation with Iconic.

Steel garage doors allow for creative freedom for the homeowner, which is another reason why steel garage doors are the most popular material choice. Choose between the following garage door features: 

  • Garage door style (traditional, carriage house, or modern)
  • Standard garage door colors or custom color matching
  • Panel style (raised, recessed, flushed, louvered)
  • Window placement, size, shape, tint, or style
  • Varying levels of R-value polystyrene insulation
  • Traditional steel thickness at 24 or 25-gauge, or thicker steel at 20 or 18-gauge

Customize your garage door and make it as unique as you are! Our Before and After Garage Door Projects give more insight into each transformation. Find out how much steel garage doors are compatible with the hot and dry climate that is Phoenix, AZ by taking a look at our Different Garage Door Materials post featured on our Blog

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Before and after of a modern plank wood green garage door.

Our Iconic Garage Door Services Promise is As Strong As Steel

Steel garage doors are known to be installed and remain strong and sturdy against external elements, and protect interior elements for years without any fussy maintenance. Steel garage doors are the most popular among both residential and commercial properties for a reason. Parallel to our Iconic Garage Door Services’ identity, steel garage doors offer freedom for customization, and provide customers dependable, hassle-free, and durable function so they can enjoy their garage door for years to come. 

With the help of our service center in Fountain Hills and our headquarters in Queen Creek, AZ, we respond to a vast service area. At just a phone call away, our installation and repair experts are here for your new steel garage door, or to restore your existing garage door to its original functionality. Contact our team for more information about steel garage doors, and we can schedule your appointment for new installation or repair today!

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