Fountain Hills garage doors

the Pros and Cons of Different Garage Door Materials in Arizona

Fountain Hills garage doors

the Pros and Cons of Different Garage Door Materials in Arizona

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Which Garage Door Material is Best For You?

At Iconic Garage Door Services, we’re excited you’ve embarked on your journey for a new garage door! The installation process is best started with which garage door material you want to build, style and design upon.

Garage doors are made up of many different materials. We install garage doors made of steel, wood, faux wood, aluminum, and glass. Some alternative garage door materials include vinyl and fiberglass. 

Choosing between the best garage door materials is not only ground zero, but also the most important decision for how you’re going to care for your property’s main focal point. A little known fact is that garage door materials can determine how long your garage door (i.e. the main focal point in question here) will last. 

“Hello Garage Door, Have You Met The State of Arizona?”

If you’re trying to decide on the right garage door materials for your next garage door, you need to balance out the needs of your climate. Meet extra hot with the main attraction of an endlessly sunny Arizona. Iconic Garage Door Services has called Phoenix, AZ our home for many years, so we can help you determine which garage door materials would likely falter versus the garage door materials that concur little to no worries. 

Before we mention the exact materials you should ask for your new garage door installation, there are more factors that will affect how well your door operates. During our free quotes, our installation experts will let you know all the factors to consider to make sure you make the best decision for your property. The other contributors include:

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1. Lighter Materials

Consider lightweight garage door materials for a simple replacement that will experience less wear and tear on vital components like your opener’s motor and garage door springs.  

If you’re willing to spend money on a garage door material that happens to be much heavier, you will need to consider a new garage door opener with greater horsepower and high-cycle springs, which will balance everything out.

2. Location, Location, Location

When you were looking through Phoenix, AZ real estate, you may have heard that whatever your priorities are, it’s all about location, location, location! While you can’t beat the heat, the amount of time that your garage door faces the sun is something to heavily consider. If your garage door is angled away from the sun for the majority of the day, it could be safe from paint or stain fades, material warping, and other sun and heat damages. 

Choose A Glass Garage Door

Nevermind the old and common misconception of glass being “fragile” and “breakable”. Choosing your garage door material to be highly durable glass is cut from a different cloth. Check out our Glass Garage Doors page to learn more about how they bring seamless style, beauty, and natural light. Plus, check out Clopay’s exclusive Avante series as our favorite glass garage door installation!

To answer privacy and security concerns, choose your level of tint, panel design, and aluminum counterparts, which hold the glass panels in place for one of the most secure garage door installations you can purchase.  

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Choose A Wood Garage Door

Custom Wood Garage Doors

The natural charm and beauty that wood provides is a sought-after garage door material. Additional panel designs bring out the wood’s grain, and wood is an excellent garage door material for natural insulation and solid security. 

Include constant maintenance and retouching into the price for a wood garage door installation. Wood is very sensitive, and a sun-drenched climate could be detrimental to your door’s protective coating and can easily deteriorate over time.

Fun Fact: Out of all the garage door materials, real wood is not only the most expensive, but also the heaviest! Glass follows as a close second.

Choose A Steel Garage Door

Steel is the most popular garage door material, and can easily be styled and quickly installed. Our Steel Garage Doors page details all the possible customizations you can think of! The only thing about steel as a garage door material is it’s not the best insulator. Ask us about adding layers of galvanized steel or high R-value insulation to keep your garage door comfortable during colder winter nights or unbearable summer days.

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Choose A Faux Wood Garage Door

Faux wood weighs and costs much less than real wood, but a faux wood garage door material boosts your home’s curb appeal nonetheless. We add a faux wood overlay to a durable and lightweight steel material, so we can keep your garage door installation affordable with faux wood.

What Comes With Your Favorite Garage Door Material?

While you want to choose a garage door that fits your budget, you have to consider location. Whichever garage door material you go with, Iconic Garage Door Services will help you. 

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Fountain Hills garage doors

The chosen material will determine the required maintenance, longevity, and style of the garage door, so it’s important to consider this carefully. There is no wrong answer here, and our door experts hand creative power to the client. Design your garage door with us in-person at either of our locations in Queen Creek, Fountain Hills, or the surrounding areas in Phoenix, AZ.

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