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Garage Door Styles That Will Inspire in 2024

Garage Door Styles That Will Inspire in 2024

Garage Door Styles in 2024: The Forecast Says “Less IS More”!

The most current garage door trends have leaned towards functional design and seamless accessibility, which have led us to list the top garage door styles in 2024. From modern glass to playful color to classic styles, we hope these five design trends inspire you to make the most of your garage door and maximize the curb appeal of your home.

Given their history and foundation for security and automation, how can garage doors have style? Recent studies show that garage door renovations offer a substantial return on investment, more so than nearly any other home improvement project! The value added to your home, not to mention your daily life, is instantaneous.

wooden carriage-house
Wooden Carriage-House

It’s important to know that the main garage door styles are:

  • Traditional
  • Carriage House
  • Modern

These are the styles that remain the most constant decade after decade. Although contemporary garage doors are evolving to be a style all on their own, branching from the industrial, sleek, and functional aspects that modern garage doors inhabit, they are all great foundations to build upon.

garage door styles in 2024
Steel Traditional

For more visuals, take a look at Iconic Garage Door Service’s Gallery and our Before & After Garage Door Projects for more examples of trending garage doors. You can also learn how to achieve effortless style by searching your favorite material:

Glass Garage Door- Iconic Garage Door Services
Glass Modern
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The Sleeker-Than-Sleek Look

Imagine from a street perspective, you can’t tell where this garage door ends and begins. With a highly reflective finish, these are the ultimate luxurious and sleek doors for an entryway.

Frameless garage doors exhibit a blank slate design, using flushed panels to make your sectional overhead door look ultra-seamless. With an almost liquid edge-to-edge, frameless garage doors is a style we can’t stop marveling at.

garage door styles

The Modern Look

As we’ve explored modern garage doors throughout our Before & After Projects, you can easily make this style your own. There are limitless renditions of the modern look, but one thing is for sure: “Less is more.” 

Among the most popular garage door styles in 2024, modern is known for minimalism, functional design, clean lines, and innovative materials. That means minimal hardware and choosing materials that stand out on their own.

Modern Highlights

  • Sleek
  • Alternative window placement
  • Emulate a blank slate
  • Pop of primary colors

Playful Touches With Modern Garage Doors

We know modern garage doors are a style that isn’t going away anytime soon, so that means you can expect to see different variations of what could constitute a modern garage door. You can take one or two elements from modern garage doors, like alternative window placement or innovative materials, and place them with a traditional-styled door instead. Our favorite part about custom garage door installation is that the possibilities are endless!

Contemporary Garage Door - Iconic Garage Door Services
Light Stain, Flush Panel Garage Door
peachy flushed panels

The Monochromatic Look

Altering your home for the trendiest garage door styles in 2024 doesn’t have to mean drastic measures. A simple color change will work wonders! A pop of color is very eye-catching for interested home buyers but opt for the monochromatic look for your garage door this year. Just as simple as a co-ord set will serve your outfit of the day, the same effortless chic style will serve your garage door.  

This trendy style doesn’t just apply to homeowners! Custom-matched overhead doors will significantly add curb appeal to your home or business alike. Who knew the trend to camouflage your garage door would also make it pop? 

The Secure Look

One of the best garage door styles in 2024 that you can invest in this year is technological integration. A smart garage door has secure locking mechanisms, seamless operation, and lets you integrate 24/7 video and remote monitoring from your smartphone. Most of this can all be equated to new garage door opener installation. Along with a new, compatible garage door, you have an unbeatable smart garage door operating system that will make you feel secure, stylish, and futuristic.

At Iconic Garage Door Services, we have many options for smart garage door openers and commercial overhead door operators that enable a more efficient, modern, and secure home for your family or place of work for your business. 

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Choose an Iconic Garage Door For The New Year

cost of garage door installation

In the season of the new year, choose Iconic Garage Door Services for help achieving any rendition of your favorite garage door style. We have a grand supply of stylistic options, materials, and our craftsmanship expertise to get you the best-looking overhead door on the block from either of our Queen Creek, AZ or Fountain Hills, AZ locations. 
With so many choices, garage door installation can seem overwhelming, but a new garage door is an investment worth making. The increase in curb appeal alone makes choosing the perfect garage door style worth the time!