Carriage House Faux Wood Garage Door

A Beautiful Upgrade: Carriage house Faux Wood Garage Door

If your home’s exterior is desperate for a makeover, a garage door replacement is an excellent option! Garage doors cover up to 30% of a home’s exterior, so a brand-new garage door will work wonders for your curb appeal and property value. Take this carriage house faux wood garage door, for example. It livens up the home, and its timeless, classy look will catch the eye of anyone driving by.

Before and after of new carriage house faux wood garage door

Comparing the Old and the New

From the before picture shown here, it’s hard to tell why this homeowner decided it was time for an upgrade. Perhaps the garage door parts were old and worn down, which was affecting the door’s ability to function at its best. Maybe the owner was simply ready for a change and loved the look this carriage house faux wood garage door had to offer! Whatever the reason, there are a few key differences in the before and after to note:

  • Color- The old door was in a classic sandstone color, and the upgraded carriage house faux wood garage door displays a lovely shade of wood grain. Whatever color you choose for your garage door, make sure it complements your home’s style!
  • Windows- There are many advantages to garage door windows, but those advantages don’t always win over the seamless look of a windowless garage door. The lack of windows on this carriage house faux wood garage door allows the black decorative handles to take center stage!
  • Panel Design- There are three main types of garage door panels: recessed, raised, and flushed. Both doors featured above are raised, short panel garage doors, but notice the carriage house faux wood garage door still has a new and improved design with a more intricate pattern.

Upgrade Your Garage Doors Near Phoenix, AZ

If you’re ready to dive into a home renovation project and upgrade your garage doors, Iconic Garage Door Service near Phoenix, AZ, is the company for you! Whether you want a carriage house faux wood garage door like the one pictured here, or a traditional or modern door is more your style, we have something for everyone. Use our Door Builder to get an idea of what types of doors you like, then contact us to schedule a consultation! For premium garage door installation near you, we’ve got you covered!