Modern Plank Garage Door

Modern Plank Garage Door

To complement the minimalist exterior of modern homes, modern garage doors have simple lines and no decorative hardware. This modern plank garage door is a great example of how a new garage door can elevate the look of a home! From the wide flush panels to the dark faux wood finish to the clear vertical windows, a plank garage door creates an unbeatable modern look. Check out the details on this beautiful modern garage door below.

Modern Plank Garage Door

Garage Door Details

Flush Panels

Because modern design highlights simplicity, flush panels are a popular choice for modern doors. The smooth, undecorated exterior has no raised, recessed, or louvered panels in order to complement the minimalism of modern homes.

Faux Wood Finish

If you like the look of real wood garage doors but don’t want to deal with maintenance needs, then faux wood may be the perfect fit for you. Faux wood garage doors like this modern plank have a wood-look exterior to create a high-end finish at a more affordable price.

Vertical Windows

While traditional and carriage garage doors tend to have horizontal windows along the top panel, modern garage doors feature vertical windows for added visual interest. This asymmetrical exterior puts a twist on classic garage door design, creating an incredible modern look for your garage door.

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If you want to transform the look of your home, consider a modern statement piece like plank garage doors. Homeowners love upgrading their curb appeal with modern garage doors to enhance the value of their homes. Contact Iconic Garage Door Services when you’re ready to discuss options for modern garage doors like this modern plank garage door. We perform garage door installation near Phoenix, AZ to serve local homes with the best.