Carriage White Garage Door with Decorative Handles

Carriage White Garage Door with Decorative Handles

Are you looking for a garage door that can remain classic, charming, and withstand a timeless look despite changing trends?

White Traditional Garage Door

The Trick of Vertical Panels

While it’s clear that the garage door owner chose a white carriage garage door with decorative handles, if you look closer, there are multiple recessed accents decorated on the surface. Recessed panels are the opposite of raised panels and create pleasant details for a textured look on this traditional white garage door.

Window Configurations

The increased collection of small, vertical panels has the garage door appear taller than the before photo, even with the addition of windows. Window configurations are also a matter of design preference but can have several benefits. 

Adding windows can create a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere, making the garage feel less like a dark and enclosed space. The previous garage door did not offer views of the Queens Creek, AZ environment and probably only provided stagnant air.

The placement and shape of windows on this white carriage garage door also play into tricking you that this home has an arched entryway. A simple window configuration that leans into the carriage house style without altering your garage door frame or expensive demolition is a fantastic and effortless design hack! Simply add sloped windows without reconstruction for an arched-style garage door. 

Get Your Version of a White carriage garage door with decorative handles— Talk to our Expert installers today!

The previously plain garage door looked more like a boring concrete wall that Iconic Garage Door Services switched out for this much more sophisticated white carriage garage door with decorative handles. Smaller panels on the face of a garage door add depth and dimension, while the windows add subtle charm. Adding design features like short panels, long panels, raised panels, recessed panels, flushed panels, or no panels is up to the homeowner. Contact Iconic Garage Door Services for your version of a white carriage garage door with decorative handles today!