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In Maricopa County, our garage door repair in Buckeye, AZ is also the largest city in Arizona by area. The historic city Buckeye was named for its canal, which was also named after the settler’s hometown of the same name in Ohio. Once advancements in transportation put Buckeye, AZ on the map, it’s been growing ever since! With Iconic Garage Door Services, we love visiting Buckeye, AZ for essential garage door repairs and more!

Garage door owners often make the mistake that their old and worn garage door can make it another year without professional attention. Ditch those rose-colored lenses, and schedule for garage door repair in Buckeye, AZ!

How To Mitigate Garage Door Spring Damage

When your garage door springs approach the end of their lifespan, your garage door can be extremely hazardous. With the threat of a popped spring, they can cause severe damage to you or your property. 

If you notice that your springs have significant gaps between the coils (gaps around 3-4”), or are showing any signs of build-up, contact us right away for garage door spring repair in Buckeye, AZ. If your garage door springs do break, it’s important that you don’t try to use your garage door.

garage door spring

Seamless Garage Door Panel Replacement

It’s not fun when accidents result in property damage to the face of your garage door, but Iconic Garage Door Services frequently services panel replacement. Your garage door could be working, but at a slight angle or with uneven gaps between your garage door sections. 

More signs for when you need garage door repair for your system’s exterior can be found on our Garage Door Panel Replacement page. Allow us to offer our garage door repair in Buckeye, AZ and more for the following:

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Our Iconic Experts Are There When You Need Help The Most in Buckeye, AZ

Maybe you’re not even sure what your garage door needs. You just know it isn’t working like normal. If that’s the case, don’t worry! We’ll have one of our expert repairmen come to your home for garage door repair in Buckeye, AZ, and thoroughly examine your garage door. We’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong and what’s needed to fix the problem. Our technicians will explain everything to you, so you know exactly what’s going on. Contact Iconic Garage Door Services to get started today!

Can I rinse my garage door hardware with water?

Be careful of cleaning your garage door with soap and water due to the mechanical parts of your garage door system! To avoid rusting, hold off on spraying with a hose, and sponge clean the exterior of your garage door instead, like you would for washing your car. The interior should be dusted to clear away any dirt or debris around your garage door tracks, rollers, and sensors. This way, your garage door won’t be susceptible to dirt, debris, and dust build-up. 

Why won’t my garage door opener sync with my garage door?

In order to sync up your garage door opener, you need to make sure everything is connected and plugged in. If so, unplug the opener and disconnect the wires connecting it to your home’s garage door. Reprogram all remote controls when you reconnect your garage door opener to power. 

Once everything is reprogrammed and reconnected, try to test the functionality of the garage door now. Contact us for questions or concerns with troubleshooting your garage door opener. 

How much does a garage door repair in Buckeye, AZ cost?

The price will depend on the repair needed, but you can expect to spend $100-$600 for a garage door repair in Buckeye, AZ.