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Nobody wants to deal with a garage door that won’t open when they’re trying to leave the house one morning. But if this headache does happen at your home, the local experts at Iconic Garage Door Services are here to help with same-day garage door service in New River, AZ. Directly north of Phoenix, New River was founded as a stagecoach stop, also known as “Wranglers Roost”, but has become known as a city by the hills. With elbow room no short of the state’s signature amenities, in half an hour you’re at Lake Pleasant (less depending on your entry point).

Contact us next time you need fast service for your garage door emergency! We keep our trucks stocked with everything needed for fast, thorough, affordable garage repairs in New River, AZ.

Our Most Common Garage Door Repairs Near New River, AZ

garage door opener


Garage door openers make accessing your home easy by automatically opening and closing your door at the touch of a button. However, that means a malfunctioning garage door opener is a major inconvenience for your day. When your garage door won’t open or starts to open and reverses, contact Iconic Garage Door Services for fast garage door opener repair near New River, AZ. We offer service and parts for all major garage door opener brands. 

garage door spring

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door operates on a counterbalance system to keep the door in place. At the center of this system is a garage door spring that holds a lot of tension to open and close the door. The average family operates their garage door a minimum of four times a day. This is a lot of work for your springs! Eventually, this wear and tear will cause the spring to break and prevent the door from opening. When you have a broken spring, contact us for fast garage door spring replacement near New River, AZ.

Off-Track Garage Door Repair

Malfunctioning parts or a car accident can push your garage door off the tracks, meaning you can’t get in or out of your garage. An off-track garage door is also dangerous because it could fall, injure someone, or cause damage to your car. If you have an off-track garage door, call quickly for garage door repair. A professional can reset your door into the tracks and have your door working safely again in no time. Contact us if you need a fast garage door repair near New River, AZ.

Why Regular Garage Door Service is Important

Garage doors are the heaviest moving object in your home. Because of this, a broken garage door can be dangerous as well as inconvenient. To stay ahead of garage door repairs and prevent an emergency situation, we recommend scheduling garage door service near New River, AZ once a year. A professional garage door maintenance inspection ensures your garage door system is in the best working order by:

  • Checking all parts of wear and rust
  • Performing a garage door balance test
  • Examining the door and bottom seal for cracking or warping
  • Checking the spring’s tension
  • Lubricating and tightening all moving parts
  • Testing limits and adjusting the garage door opener
  • Ensuring safety mechanisms are working

Count On Our Local Garage Door Services in New River, AZ

Being a local garage door company near New River, AZ is a source of pride for us. We want to serve the community with excellence because these are our friends, family, and neighbors. That’s why we don’t charge a trip or service fee, along with free inspections and estimates. When you call Iconic Garage Door Services for garage door repair near you, we will work quickly to serve your home or business with the best. Contact us now if you need any of the following local garage door services in New River, AZ!

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