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Garage Door Spring Repair IN PHOENIX, AZ, AND BEYOND!

A broken garage door spring can put a serious dent in your productivity and happiness at home. And since spring repair is not a task to try yourself, you need experts on the case ASAP for garage door spring repair in Phoenix, AZ. You need a team you can trust: Iconic Garage Door Services! We specialize in garage door spring repair in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding Greater Phoenix area. You can find us repairing and replacing garage door springs in and around these AZ locations:

Why Choose Us For Your Garage Door Spring Repair

  • We use 40k cycle springs (double what most companies use!)
  • We offer 5-year, 10-year, and lifetime warranties
  • Our technicians are trained and certified for safe and professional garage door spring repair and replacement
  • We perform door balance checks at the end of every spring repair to guarantee proper door function
  • We offer emergency garage door service
  • The cost of your garage door spring repair won’t break the bank
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How Garage Door Springs Work

Garage door springs serve as the mechanisms that enable you to manually or automatically open a garage door. For instance, if your door weighs 200 lbs, you would require springs that can lift the same weight. In the case of a significantly heavier door weighing 650 lbs, you would need springs designed to hold the extra weight. The spring acts as the counterbalance to the door’s weight. Without it, neither you nor your opener would be able to open the door without exerting an unsafe amount of effort. When choosing your garage door springs, you have a choice of a galvanized spring for torsion or two oil-tempered springs. We recommend using two springs as they are safer and more reliable.

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Signs You Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement

There are a few signs that you need full-on garage door spring replacement in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Your garage door feels overly heavy when opening manually.
  • Your garage door appears unbalanced.
  • Your cables are loose when your door is in the fully open position.
  • Your springs are visibly rusted, damaged, or missing.
  • Your garage door is making loud grinding or squeaking noises during operation.
Close-up of garage door spring

Garage Door Spring Types

Torsion springs are a specific type of tension spring that can be found above the garage door, connected to a shaft. On both ends of this shaft, there are winding cones that hold the spring in place. The other end of the spring features a stationary cone, which helps to stabilize the mechanism.

Extension springs are installed on both sides of the garage door parallel to the tracks. They stretch and extend each time the door is in use. Extension springs pose more of a threat if they break, so it’s especially important to schedule spring repair if you notice an issue.

When replacing garage door torsion springs or extension springs, we will need to replace both springs so that the new spring doesn’t overwork to accommodate the older one. This way, you won’t have to worry about any replacements for the foreseeable future.

Service for Broken Garage Door Extension Springs in Phoenix, AZ

Garage door springs hold the weight of the door, and enable the opener system to operate correctly. Noticing this type of broken garage door spring is easy since your door won’t be able to open very far — or at all — without functional extension springs.

The extension spring expands and contracts at the garage door tracks. They run along the ceiling on each side of the door. Most of the time, these springs have safety cables to help ensure the door moves steadily. There are three types of extension springs:

  • Open-looped: These springs have a looped wire at the end, making them easy to replace.
  • Double-looped: These springs have two coils and are much stronger than the open-looped kind.
  • Clipped end: These springs have clips at the end to reduce stress. Because of this, they are particularly durable.











The cost of garage door spring repair will depend on the type of spring and brand, as well as the condition and state of the garage door and springs. Contact us for a free estimate!


It’s ideal to schedule garage door maintenance and inspection at least once a year. Our tune-ups include a detailed inspection and all parts including your garage door springs will be tightened and lubricated.


DIY garage door spring repair is possible, but without the proper knowledge, tools, and training, you could end up hurting yourself. If you install the garage door springs incorrectly, this is a major hazard to you and your family. Please don’t hesitate to contact our expert garage door spring repair technicians.

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Don’t let broken garage door springs ruin your day. Residents of the Greater Phoenix area can always rely on Iconic Garage Door Services. If you have broken garage door springs and need emergency garage door service, we’re here 24/7 year-round. Call us today or schedule garage door spring repair service online!