Garage Doors for New Homes

Garage Doors for New Homes

Iconic Garage Door Services offers garage doors for new homes of various designs and material. If you are building a new home or purchasing a home that needs a garage door upgrade, call Iconic today for a free estimate.

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Garage Doors | Before and After Photos

Check out our before and after gallery of photos to see some of our work!

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Reprogramming Your Garage Door Opener

If you have moved into a new home and you need to reprogram a garage door opener, check out our DIY video below for instructions.

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DIY Garage Door Opener Reprogramming

Thank you for trusting Iconic Garage Door Services. Here is a DIY video on deprogramming your opener to make sure there are no remotes or cars out there still programmed to access your new home!

If you need help with this, give us a call at 480-680-9009. We offer a free inspection and estimate.

If you want us to handle this for you, we will do the following.

  • deprogram the opener and reprogram the remotes/keypad/cars
  • set up wifi if your opener has this feature
  • inspect and lubricate all the moving parts on the door
  • inspect and lubricate the opener
  • make any minor adjustments to the track/springs/opener to ensure your door is operating correctly.

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