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Alternative Garage Door Ideas

Alternative Garage Door Ideas

The year is 2024, and people aren’t just using their garage spaces for storage. Or they should at least think outside the “dusty parking garage” box. Have you considered turning your garage into a recording studio? Need to change up your work-from-home setup? Is your current hobby or workshop taking up too much space? 

Breathe new life into your home with Iconic Garage Door Services. Don’t only explore new colors, materials, and styles for your garage door’s exterior, but think about ways to use your garage space to its fullest. Not sure what our garage door installation and repair experts could mean? We have some garage door ideas! 

The Ultimate Garage Door Transformation

Some homeowners don’t even own a garage…yet. We offer carport conversion services where we apply walls and a garage door. You can schedule a consultation with us if you’re considering a carport-to-garage conversion. 

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Next Up: Sound Proof AND Noise Proof Your Garage

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The first step towards some of our alternative garage door ideas involves soundproofing your garage.

If your garage has insulation and drywall, that does most of the hard work! If a podcast or recording studio is up your alley, you may want to add soundproofing to the walls and garage door windows.

Depending on your garage door’s material and with a little work, you can seriously improve the acoustics of the garage. If it’s made of metal, does the metal rattle when you’re playing music?

A garage door idea that will help isolate noise is to add soundproofing barriers like foam panels and thick weatherstripping around the interior and exterior of your garage door opening. Wooden or fiberglass garage doors are better natural insulators. And that insulation can make a big difference.

Now You Can Begin Setting Up Your Garage Door Haven

Once you’ve soundproofed your elevated garage space, no one hanging out in the kitchen has to cover their ears each time you use a power saw, play the drums, or crank up your UTV!

Even More Garage Door Ideas!

  • Build a wall of cubby holes for different supplies, materials, and small equipment. 
  • For hunting, you may load your ammo on a standing or extended office desk.
  • If your hobby is woodworking, the garage is a woodshop made-to-order. You have plenty of room for your workbench, table saw, jigsaw, clamps, hand tools, workhorses, and more.
  • If you’re into mechanics, your garage is a safe place to work on your offroading vehicle, work truck, or van. Ask us about high-lift garage door installation to make even more room for your hobby and working ventures!
  • Clear away storage and floor items so there’s plenty of room for drums, keyboards, amplifiers, speakers, guitars, and other instruments.

Whatever purpose you find for your garage, if you think about a smart setup, there’s a good chance it can double as the place to park your car.

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Schedule Garage Door Maintenance So Your Garage Door Is Up To Speed On Your Given Hobby

With our Iconic garage door ideas, you can dramatically increase the useful value of your garage. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your valuables are protected and yet easily accessed. Schedule garage door maintenance with Iconic Garage Door Services so you know everything is working properly, and you can fully focus on your hobby or business.

Now that you know your garage door and opener are up to speed, you can set up recording equipment, lay out your supplies, and record your band’s musical accomplishments. As the hot Phoenix, AZ sun goes down, you can roll up the garage door and share your music with friends and neighbors. 

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Reap The Benefits From Our Iconic Garage Door Ideas!

All of our garage door ideas will greatly benefit your current living space and your resale value in the future. The benefits are well worth the investment, and with garage doors lasting upwards of 30 years, you’ll reap the benefits many times over! 

You may think that a garage door just completes your home’s storage area, but your garage is often an untapped plane of opportunity. At Iconic Garage Door Services, we specialize in specialty garage door installation and so much more. Expand your living space, and open your mind to many alternative garage door ideas. Whether converting your garage door space or widening your garage door opening, talk to us about a project you have in mind today.

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