Modern Faux Wood Garage Door

Modern Faux Wood Garage Door

A modern faux wood garage door is always a great choice for your home in the Queens Creek, AZ area. A modern garage door style paired with a southwestern exterior design and a desert landscape is the ultimate dream combination! 

modern faux wood garage door

A Difference of Color

When your eyes scan the previous look, it’s almost like the house wanted to be invisible. Beige next to more beige is minimalist drab and tends to look outdated even with a classic, traditional-styled garage door. On the modern faux wood garage door replacement, the warm maroon color and implemented wood look unveils a much more sealed, finished, and inviting home. 

Windows At Play

Want to alter the window or panel ratio? Modern faux garage doors are so much fun to design because you don’t have to conform to an even number of panels or keep garage door windows at the top. With long windows down the side, this modern faux wood garage door owner opted for a polished and cohesive arrangement along with an opportunity for natural light to be let in. Faux wood is inherently smooth and allows additional garage door configurations to be made, such as color, shade, and finish. The faux wood material mimics the coveted wood-grain look yet fits the homeowner’s budget.  

At Iconic Garage Door Services, we invite lots of color options into your decision for your garage door replacement. We also encourage adding architectural elements that can complement your home’s design style. This home was unique because we had to install a double, or two-car, garage door on top of a single, or one-car, garage door. For a synchronized look, you can also match your front door to your garage door!

Every Garage Door Available For Customization

Almost every garage door is available for customization, which gives you the freedom to be creative. Like this modern faux wood door, you’ll want to choose a garage door that matches your home’s style, fits your location, and goes with your budget. With each installation job, we focus on attention to detail and thoroughness.

Here at Iconic Garage Door Services, we have experience with all kinds of garage doors, so we understand that your home might require a bigger or larger garage door. With continuous training, we pride ourselves on garage door installation done right the first time. When you call one of our professionals, we will walk you through every step of the way!