Light Stain and Flush Panel Garage Door

Light Stain and Flush Panel Garage Door

Itโ€™s your garage door, itโ€™s your way of adding design elements or maintaining simplicity. Here is an example of a natural light modern garage door with a faux wood finish. The beauty of faux wood is you can imitate cedar-stained wood with a much more affordable composite overlay versus installing natural materials. Many residential garage doors are set with faux wood, and each end result canโ€™t be more different than the next!

Light Stain and Flush Panel Garage Door

Smooth, Seamless Finishes

The featured photo above is one of our specialty steel doors with a light-colored copper mode and stained composite overlay with a flush panel. Flush panels mean your garage door can be as smooth as a tabletop. With a flush panel garage door installation, our expert installers achieve smooth, seamless finishes for your new garage door installation.

The Way A Garage Door Can Pop!

The best (and safest) way for a garage door to pop is how the color of your garage door stands out against your home. A variety of colors and customizable features are available at Iconic Garage Door Services to help ensure that your new garage door perfectly accentuates your home’s existing style. For an appealing light-stained and flushed panel garage door, as shown above, consider a neutral color that will complement other architectural features of your home. 

As you can see in this before and after photo, the color and material change really makes this home stand out for all the right reasons. 

Add the Designs You Want For New Garage Door Installation 

A neutral garage door color up against other textures is just one of the many design elements you could add to your new garage door. You can keep a simplistic garage door that will complement other aspects of your home. To get started on your version of a light-stained flush panel garage door, schedule with Iconic Garage Door Services for the next available appointment.