Commercial Faux Wood Garage Door

Commercial Faux Wood Garage Door

Commercial Faux Wood Garage Door

Clopay Products With Our Iconic Garage Door Services

Whether it’s for a large, external door, or an interior door, Iconic Garage Door Services has the best functional commercial faux wood overhead doors like the one shown here. Clopay provides our expert installers and valued customers with the best products for your new commercial overhead door installation.

A simple dark walnut finish with small, dark windows is all you need between you and the rest of Phoenix, AZ. The featured photo above displays a few important things: 

  • Commercial overhead door installation gives your property a finished look, letting customers know you’re open and ready for business.
  • A new overhead door ensures your system complies with industry standards and local regulations.
  • A new, secure door to your commercial property provides crucial security and protection for your business.
  • A new overhead door means a temperature-controlled environment for your goods and services.

The van featured in the ‘Before’ snapshot gives an excellent size ratio to show just how large commercial doors are compared to Residential Garage Doors.

Where Design and Stylistic Choices Matter

Even though external aesthetics are far from the mind of day-to-day operations, this commercial faux wood overhead door exemplifies the fact that design and stylistic choices matter. Our Iconic installers know where to help shift your focus for a unique yet functional commercial overhead door. 

Window Placement

Opting for small dark windows invites some natural light in, so the inside of your space doesn’t feel so claustrophobic. The window placement is high enough where passersby can’t peek inside, and tinted for additional privacy.

Choosing a Faux Wood Material

The owner of this commercial faux wood overhead door could’ve left the face of the door a blank, solid color. When you choose a faux wood overlay, it adds charm and variety thanks to the emulated wood grain that natural wood has. Since this photo was taken far away to show the entirety of this commercial faux wood overhead door, we love that the owner went with raised panels to give some other pattern and dimension. 

We can install a fantastic faux wood grain overlay to your commercial building, storefront, commercial warehouse, restaurant, or other place of business to boost your operations, productivity, and curb appeal!