Small faux wood Garage Door

Small Faux Wood Garage Door

Match Your Garage Door to Your Home

The homeowner also had a full, double-wide garage door (out of view), but wanted their entryways to be matching and cohesive. We faced a unique project to manipulate our faux wood garage door materials to match the dimensions they needed. We love how this garage door project turned out!

small garage door

Choose Your Color To Be A “Wood-Look” Instead

Request your new door to have a wood look, no matter if it’s for an extra large or smaller door opening like this small faux wood garage door. Iconic Garage Door Services has experience in replacing traditional steel garage doors with new wood-look garage doors like the one shown in the above photo. 

Freedom To Customize Your Small Faux Wood Garage Door

You have the option of customizing your garage door any way you want with Iconic Garage Door Services! Above shows this small faux wood garage door with four rectangular, portrait windows. We like that they placed their windows at the top, so their space still benefits from natural light and privacy. The frosted glass is a wonderful finishing touch!

Save Money with a Faux Wood Finish

Faux wood is more affordable than a custom wood material for a garage door and it boasts all the same woodwork qualities. This homeowner took full advantage of a faux wood finish over a steel garage door for a durable, flawless, and low-maintenance result that matches their home’s exterior perfectly.

This small faux wood garage door looks authentic because the steel door has a stained wood grain paint finish topped with overlays molded from actual wood pieces to reproduce the same texture and grain pattern they resemble.

Find Out What Our Iconic Designers and Installers Can Do For You!

Let our Iconic designers plan and our installers carry out your renovation dreams! Redesign your entryway like this small faux wood garage door with an Iconic Garage Door Services professional today.