Garage Door Installation in Chandler, AZ

Garage Door Installation in Chandler, AZ

Iconic Garage Door Services provides safe & secure garage door installation to Chandler, AZ and surrounding communities. We are a family owned and operated business that strives to provide the best customer experience, services, and products to our customers. Our core values include treating our employees and customers like family, so you always feel confident you are getting the satisfaction you deserve with your new garage door installation. We want to make sure you are comfortable and safe with our services, so our technicians are drug screened, pass a background check, and undergo continuing education to make sure they are current on all new garage door technology and standard procedures from manufacturers. Safety is our top priority – your family and vehicles will be in safe hands with our expert knowledge and experience installing garage doors. Incorrectly installed garage doors can be dangerous to your family, so it is important that the installation is done properly the first time.

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Iconic Garage Door Services has a 5-star Google rating from hundreds of satisfied customers in Chandler, AZ. We work hard to ensure our customers receive the best price and the best service in the region, and we only provide the best and most trusted brands of garage doors and garage door accessories. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed to all customers to help you feel confident that you will be happy with a job well done.

Iconic Garage Door Services offers ongoing discounts to veterans, seniors, and first responders, as well as annual promotions and discounts to the general public. See our discounted offers for garage door installation and ask about our frequent new offers when you call! Schedule a FREE garage door inspection with our team today and we will provide a non-obligatory free estimate for your new garage door installation. You can schedule your appointment for evenings or weekends because we understand that you have a busy schedule that cannot stop for a new garage door. Call today or schedule directly on our website.

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Garage Door Installation Process in Chandler, AZ

As previously mentioned, we always put safety first! Check out our details list of steps that we take to ensure your old door is safely and properly removed and your new garage door is safely and securely installed.

Release the tension from the torsion spring

Disconnect the existing door and opener

Remove the old garage door panels

Install the new door panels

Secure the hinges and install the track

Attach the garage door spring to the track

Attach the tracks together

Install the garage door springs

Install the pulleys and torsion rod

Attach the opener cable

Tighten the garage door springs

Post-installation safety inspection

Considerations: New Garage Door Installation in Chandler

The material that you choose for your new garage door may affect the price because some substrates require extra steps in the installation process to properly secure the door.

The varying sizes and weights of garage doors can play a role in the equipment and labor used for the installation, which can adjust the price.

The way your current frame or structure is designed will affect the price of your installation. Complex designs may require specialized equipment and the amount of time it takes to install.

Garage door accessories, such as security cameras and other special opener functionalities may factor into the price of installation due to the amount of time it takes to complete.

Garage Door Installation Services in Chandler, AZ

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