Top 4 Common Garage Door Repairs

Top 4 Common Garage Door Repairs

When your door refuses to open, this throws a giant wrench in your schedule. Our professional and efficient garage door technicians can help you out of any garage door repair with some insight into why the top garage door repairs occur. Bad luck is not to blame here! Contact Iconic Garage Door Services so we can inform you about your garage door’s current status. Your garage door opener, springs, and adjoining components will treat you better for it.

We Can Help Prevent The Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Get familiar with the top garage door repairs all homeowners and commercial door owners alike have to face. Some of the following four common garage door repairs may happen before others, or more often than others. Talk to our professionals about your garage door ailments. In this article, we’ve recognized which garage door components are most susceptible to repair, and how you can save yourself from frequent garage door repairs.

1. Garage Door Spring Repair

We put garage door spring repair at the top of our most common repairs list because it is also the most vital garage door component. No matter how little or how long you’ve had the original components, garage door spring repair is one of the most common garage door repairs you’ll need. We often see an influx of garage door spring repair calls during the spring and fall months because the quality of your torsion or extension springs prematurely falters without consistent maintenance or improper operational care.

Lengthen the lifespan of your springs and promptly schedule garage door maintenance. We’ll lubricate and rebalance the amount of tension your garage door springs are under.

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2. Garage Door Opener Repair

Your garage door opener is the brain behind your operating system’s automation. With the click of a button on your opener remote, keypad, or smartphone app, your garage door opener is in charge of lifting or closing the door at each command. Over repeated usage, you will eventually need garage door opener repair

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To avoid an opener repair emergency like, “Help! I can’t access my garage” or “There’s no way I can leave for work when my car is trapped inside my garage,” check for these subtle signs to see if your garage door opener is the one that needs help:

  • Your garage door opener light is constantly on
  • Your garage door won’t completely close
  • Your garage door makes squeaking or grinding noises during operation
  • Your garage door shakes while opening or closing
  • Your garage door opener blinks with nothing obstructing its view

Before contacting us for garage door opener repair, try resetting your opener. If that doesn’t work, call us to your home or business for a professional inspection! 

3. Garage Door Cable Replacement

Following behind garage door springs and openers, garage door cable replacement is the next common garage door repair we frequent in the Greater Phoenix area. Your cables work in conjunction with your garage door springs and also equate to the balance and quality of your garage door system. Without healthy cables, you’re left with either a severely slanted door or an unreliable door that threatens to slam shut or suddenly collapse. Both scenarios are hazardous, so please do not hesitate to contact Iconic Garage Door Services for prompt garage door cable replacement.

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4. Garage Door Panel Replacement

Imagine one of the cars occupying your driveway backs into your garage. Whoops! If your garage door still operates, the damage may have severely slanted or hindered its operation. What might feel like the end of your door can actually be solved with garage door panel replacement! If there is minimal damage to a couple of your panels, you will save more money on garage door panel replacement than paying for a whole new garage door.

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Stick With Iconic For Your Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Given the trained and certified expertise from Iconic Garage Door Services, we can quickly solve your temperamental garage door! Contact us today for professional garage door maintenance, repair, or new garage door replacement.