Garage Door Openers in Casa Grande, AZ

Garage Door Openers in Casa Grande, AZ

Iconic Garage Door Services offers garage door opener repair services as well as new garage door opener installation and replacement garage door openers. Your garage door opener is the heart of the operation of your door. The opener is the mechanism that looks like a box that is normally attached to the garage ceiling, but may also be installed on the wall (side-mounted). The opener can be controlled by a switch or button inside the garage, a remote control from outside the garage, and some modern garage door openers even have the option of controlling the opening and closing from an app. Openers make operating the garage door much more convenient, safe, and easier to manage than manually lifting and closing the door. Garage door openers operate on a radio frequency that commands the motor to operate when initiated. Nowadays, the frequency used to open a door changes each time it is initiated, which makes them much safer from hackers.

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Garage Door Opener Repair in Casa Grande, AZ

Iconic Garage Door Services provides the best garage door opener repair services in Casa Grande, AZ and surrounding communities. We offer safe and affordable garage door openers as well as exceptional, expert repair. Check out some of the most popular garage door openers that we offer by tier below. Safety is our number one priority, so we ensure all technicians that we hire pass a background check and are regularly drug screened so you can feel comfortable with the garage door opener repairman that is visiting your home. All of our technicians are highly trained and frequently kept up-to-date on all new technology and innovation in the garage door opener industry. Since tecnhology is constantly changing, ongoing training is necessary in our field to ensure you are getting the safest service possible. We do not cut corners! We offer a free inspection and estimate and are very careful to ensure we are repairing your opener properly, safely, and up-to-code. Our garage door opener company is insured and our license is Bonded ROC#329183.

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Garage Door Opener Installation & Replacement in Casa Grande, AZ

The LiftMaster garage door openers that we provide to our customers vary in features and functionality, but we only offer the best and safest options and each price level. Lifetime warranties are available for our garage door openers and we also guarantee all of our work so you can feel confident that the new garage door opener is installed correctly the first time. We are a locally owned & operated business and we are also family owned & operated. We feel strongly that treating our employees and customers like we treat our families is the right way to ensure you are satisfied with out services. Our 5 star rating on Google and hundreds of praising reviews back up our claim and have given us the reputation as the best garage door services company to work with in Arizona. We offer discounts to veterans, first responders, and seniors, and we frequently run new promotions and deals on new garage door openers and installation services. We work in the evenings, on holidays, and weekends without charging you extra for the flexible scheduling that you require. Call us today to schedule a free estimate or book online.

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Garage Door Openers in Casa Grande

8155w LiftMaster AC belt drive garage door opener

The 8155w LiftMaster AC belt drive garage door opener has built-in Wi-Fi that enables the user to control the opener from any smartphone via myQ app. Homeowners also have the option to allow Amazon delivery in the garage remotely, securely, and conveniently by enabling the Amazon Key feature. This garage door opener provides safety and security without breaking the bank. Some notable benefits include:

  • 75% less power consumption using standby mode
  • Quiet opening & closing with a strong belt drive
  • Unique & secure RF code for every open/close click
  • Sensors that prevent the door from closing on barricades
  • Secure protection against forced entry
  • Smartphone open/close control
  • 1-10 year warranties on various parts
  • 3-button 893LM remote control included with purchase
  • Control panel allows users to enable lockout feature
  • Add-ons include remote light control & door/gate monitor

Specifications include:

  • ½ Horsepower
  • 1,625 RPM
  • 120V AC motor
  • 60 Hz voltage
  • 4-foot power cord

84501 LiftMaster DC belt drive motor garage door opener

The 84501 LiftMaster DC belt drive motor is an ultra-quiet, smart-tech garage door opener with built-in LED lighting. This opener is compatible with the myQ app so the user can control opening, closing, and security from a smartphone. The Amazon Key feature can be enabled for secure delivery, conveniently and remotely. The longevity of the DC motor and smooth start/stop operation allows for extended life and less maintenance. The security and safety features of the 84501 protect against forced entry and radio frequency hacking, provides motion-sensored bright lighting, and prevents the door from closing on objects or people. Additional benefits include:

  • 1-year accessory & parts warranties
  • Lifetime belt & motor warranties
  • Soft start & stop feature
  • 893LM, 3-button remote control
  • 882LMW Wi-Fi multi-function control panel
  • Integrated dual LED lighting system
  • Steel-reinforced rubber belt for virtually silent operation
  • Encrypted controls with maintenance alert system

Specifications include:

  • 12V DC motor
  • 53 RPM
  • 120V AC
  • 60 Hz voltage
  • 4-foot power cord
  • 7.2”/sec upward & downward

The 87504-867 LiftMaster is a top-shelf garage door opener with corner-to-corner lighting, belt drive smart opener with a camera, and battery backup for emergency exits and safety. The included camera features 2-way audio communication with remote access video from the MyQ app. The app allows the user to secure and control the opener remotely from any smartphone. This DC motor is designed for ultra-quiet, virtually silent operation, and the light ring that extends all the way around the opener provides light for the entire garage. Our customers favorite benefits include:HD video with night vision for remote live stream

  • Recording & storage subscriptions available
  • Smooth start/stop operation with reduced maintenance
  • Extended hardware & parts longevity
  • Vehicle & family protection with invisible-beam sensors
  • Automatic lighting with motion-detection
  • 1-5 year warranties for accessories & parts
  • Lifetime warranty for belt & motor
  • Timer-to-close feature
  • Visor remote control, keypad system, & smart control panel

Specifications include:

  • 12V DC motor
  • 53 RPM
  • 120V AC
  • 60 Hz voltage
  • 6-foot power cord
  • 9”/sec upward speed
  • 6.5”/sec downward speed

New Garage Door Opener Considerations

Garage door openers are categorized based on the type of motor and how it moves the garage door. Here are the most common ones:

  • Belt Drive – Uses a rubber belt for operation, making the motion smooth and quiet. LiftMaster has a lifetime warranty on their belt drives.
  • Chain Drive – These openers use a chain that connects the motor to the door. It is the most affordable type of opener, but it can be loud.
  • Direct Drive – Direct drive features a steel rail and a stationary chain. Its design ensures that you won’t experience much noise during movement.
  • Screw Drive – The noisiest of all the openers, screw drive systems use a steel rod that rotates during movement.

Several factors will influence the type of garage door opener you’ll buy such as weight capacity, battery backups, and noise level. If you have a single wide door, a 1/2 horsepower model will work, but a 3/4 horsepower model will be necessary for an oversized garage door with heavier material. Additionally, not all openers come with a battery backup, but it is highly recommended to consider investing in one for safety reasons. Noise level is really more of a preference and belt drives are the way to go for a more quiet opener.

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